This post is an email that I wrote to the small crew that I have been pastoring over the last 6-7 years bringing people up to speed with some decisions I am making. As with all decisions there are consequences.  

Hey all . . .

Just wanted to bring you all up to speed regarding our gathering yesterday as not all of us who are part of the Christchurch swirl were there.

It was about this time last year that we were in a process of re-evaluating who we were, what we were about and where we were going. At that time we decided to put a stake in the ground and say YES to continuing this journey together as Christchurch. The purpose of our time together on Sunday was to re-visit this conversation again regarding where we were all at concerning Christchurch a year down the road. During our time together I shared some important news regarding where I’m at.

I believe that it is time for me to step out of my role as pastor of this community. This decision has not been made lightly and there’s been a ton of getting quiet and listening to my heart, the wisdom of others and the voice of God. What has made the decision more interesting is that I have no clear definitive idea regarding what I’m going to be stepping into. All I know is that I have to step out of my role here before I can embrace what is to come, and I know there is something to come.

The last few years journeying with you all have been some of the most formative, healing and transformative years of my life. I’ve discovered a whole new dimension of God’s personality that’s good and beautiful. I’ve learnt what it means to be vulnerable and open. I’ve learnt what it means to be comfortable with ambiguity, pursing the questions more than the answers. I’ve learnt how beautiful life can be when you journey with people who don’t hold the same beliefs or values as you do. I’ve learnt what it means to love and be committed to the other. I’ve learnt that relationship is what life is all about. And I’ve more deeply fallen in love with the person and story of Jesus and his followers the church. More strongly than ever I am thankful for the church and how it has shown me in all its brokenness and scarring the beautiful face of God. All of you have revealed God to me in some way and for this I am so deeply thankful.

There are a couple of things that I want to make really clear in stepping out of this role.

Stepping out of this role does NOT mean I’m leaving relationships (or the country!!).
I am very much committed to continuing to participate and invest in the relationships that exist within Christchurch.

Stepping out of the role does NOT automatically equate to the dissolving of Christchurch, however, it does raise questions as to what the future might look like.
Over the next month or so myself and the leadership team will help facilitate listening to God, one another and processing what the future might hold for us both personally and as a group. We will also create space to remember and celebrate what we have learnt over the last few years as well as articulate what we want to carry forward into the rest of our lives. Any decisions we make will impact Dawn and our sister community Strathcona so we’ll be giving good processing time to this.

I will not be stepping out of my role until this process of determining what the future of Christchurch might look like is clearer.  
My hope is that I will officially step out of this role by the end of June at the latest.

Lastly, I am available to get together with anyone if you have further questions or thoughts.

Peace and tons of love to you all.


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