It starts with a thought. Then before you know it that thought expands into a full blown conversation, a conversation that ends up expanding into a whole story or movie. Then the heart might start racing. Hands might start to sweat. Stomach might start turning. Then before you know it you’re whole being is transfixed with the thought-turned-into-a-movie and you’ve lost all sight of of what you were actually doing in that moment whether it be shaving your armpits or playing with the kids.

That one tiny thought expanded into an all encompassing, fully engaging take-you-out-of-the-present kind of experience that sometimes can last for hours, even days. It can happen with good thoughts. It can happen with not so good thoughts.

What . . . you . . . focus . . . on . . . expands. 

Jesus knew this. That’s why he talked about worry a lot. Paul knew this. That’s why he invited his readers to transform their minds and meditate on good things.

So here’s my invitation for you.
Slowly take a few deep breaths.
In through your nose and out through your mouth.
And then focus on this:

“Hi God. How you doing today? . . .” 

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