I heard this quote on SuperSoul Sunday when Oprah was interviewing Jon Kabat Zinn, the grandfather of the mindfulness movement in the West. At the start of the 8 week mindfulness course (MBSR program) that he teaches, Jon often begins the course with this statement above. Jon tells his patients that over the duration of the course they will be pouring energy, in the form of attention, into what is right with them – much of which we never notice or take for granted, or don’t fully develop in ourselves – whilst letting the doctors or health professionals take care of what is wrong with them!

I love this statement. Why? Because it’s a good, positive and true starting point for understanding ourselves. 

So often we can be predisposed to the negative in our life – the soundtracks, thoughts, memories or voices that speak to us about how crap we are at things or how there are so many things wrong with us or that we just need to do more in order to have significance.

This statement pushes back against that. If you are breathing, right now in this moment, as you read this post, then there is more right with you than wrong with you, no matter what is wrong. 

And this is how the story begins in the ancient Jewish text called Torah. God created humankind in his image and said that humankind were not just good, but very good – there was more right with them than wrong with them. And even today, many, many years later that is still how God sees you.

So, image bearers, why not decide to start the day by celebrating what is right and very good about you. Why not write out this quote and stick it somewhere you’ll see every morning and when that negative voice creeps into your consciousness and pronounces it’s judgement, tell it to [ . . . .] off and speak these words out over yourself!

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